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Jim Grew, executive advisor, works with a select few senior leaders to accelerate their impact. He also helps executive teams and boards to sharpen organizational effectiveness igniting dramatic shifts in performance with minimum disturbance in your organization.

Your company performance accelerates to record levels and stays there as Jim helps increase bandwidth and unlocks hidden potential. His unique mix of business experience and advanced psychology training is the catalyst that clarifies a strategy for your company and helps your team cut through the fog to produce dramatic results.

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Defogger and Accelerator

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Real World Results:

  • Edge Development has grown 20% year over year, two years in a row with Jim's help.

  • Tripled profits at SERA Design in one year.

  • MartinLogan sold for 4 times more, worth millions to owners.

  • 47% boost in revenue in 9 months at Triad Speakers.

  • Boosted operating profit $9 million in 2 years in a manufacturing firm.

  • Doubled market valuation at PT Northwest

  • Upward Technologies has grown 40% year over year for the last two years thanks to Jim’s tools.