In less than five minutes you will be able to understand your current position, identify areas you can address to improve your business results and develop insights that will change the speed of your business thanks to Jim’s training in psychology and his experience.

Management Team AssessmentMeasure the effectiveness of your Management Team in six critical areas: Information, Priorities, Decisions, Follow-Through, Problem Solving, and Elephants.

Cash Collection AssessmentHere is fast way to determine if you’re getting the cash you deserve.

Transition Readiness Assessment  Measure your organization’s readiness for a major change in leadership. Such a change can come from a sale, the retirement of a founder, owner’s children taking over leadership, a merger or acquisition.

Succession AssessmentSuccession is the elephant in every business, particularly those that are privately held. Here’s a guide which owners and CEOs can use to decide which  parts of the elephant to talk about and when.

Future Readiness Framework asks key questions about your timeline, leadership and company performance with and without you.  These are the questions you are afraid to ask but know you should.

Speed Assessment Are You ACCELERATING PROFITS and GROWTH? This quick Yes/No quiz will help you determine where you stand on 10 areas that impact your business.

The Power Review  Use these questions to step up the performance of your leaders.
It builds on strengths, instead of trying to repair weaknesses.


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