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Senior Executive Advisor

Leadership, not management is what gets you “out of the weeds” to build a sustainable high-performance company.

Unleash the full bandwidth of everyone in your executive team to quickly deliver sustained high performance for you, the company and your customers.

The work we do is personal, customized and targeted to upgrade skills that will have lasting impact on your organization.

There are opportunities in every company that are hiding in plain sight. We frame limited personal objectives for you or another senior executive to overcome areas that hold back effectiveness. Jim helps key reports see blind spots like:

  • Slow to pull the trigger
  • Listening skills that miss key details
  • Using an old job approach on a new job
  • Promoted but not given new tasks
  • Doing subordinates work for them
  • Micromanaging
  • Weak delegation skills
  • Poor management of subordinate accountability

Jim applies his unique mix of business experience and advanced psychology training to help individual executives work on your business, not just in it. He works with them to align their daily activities with company objectives as well as find ways to live better lives on and off the job.

From the C-suite to the production floor Jim unlocks the hidden potential of your management team and gets results...swiftly.