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This Stanford MBA with 29 years hands on experience as a COO and CEO plus over a decade consulting, advising executives and enhancing business values works closely with you and your business principals to give you a competitive edge. He rolls up his sleeves and transfers enduring skills to key leaders in your firm. 

Testimonials to Defogger Success

Senior Executive Advisor services generated these comments:
While growing sales 50% we transformed the business, building a platform to continue that growth rate successfully." Paul Milne, Owner Floral Services

"Your work with one of our senior executives has produced even more than I hoped for."
Bill McMahon, COO Nautilus Inc.

"Working with Jim I move past obstacles to focus on essential outcomes, and pretty much stay out of the weeds.”
Jared McClintock, Production Manager, JVNW”

“Revenue per employee rose 15% over last year, earnings were triple our past three-year average, and my confidence and effectiveness increased, with Jim's help.”
Joe Pinzone, Managing Principal, SERA Architects

“Craig Thomas, now our President, is moving us faster, and faster is better.”
David Kahl, CEO, Fully

“Some things I thought I had a lot of skill around, Jim was able to take those things and improve them further with really good techniques and nuance about what good looks like and how to drive the business there.”
Craig Thomas, President, Fully