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“Martin Logan sold for 4 times more than it would have before Jim and I started working together, a difference of several million dollars.”
Gayle Sanders, Founder & CEO, MartinLogan Ltd.

“The net worth of our business increased 20% in 2 years because of Jim's help---and I took my first vacation in 11 years! “
Tom Miller, Owner and CEO, Miller's Sanitary Service

“You've helped me get off the dime, move the company much more rapidly than I would if left to my own devices.”
Paul Milne, CEO Floral Services

“Your book changed my approach to our business.”
Ed Slavin, Owner Northern Illumination Co.

“We've grown 40% year over year for the last two years, thanks to the tools that Jim taught us to use….and we're still using them!”
Ethan Dunham, President, Upward Technologies

“Your workshop set the table for our team to become an accelerated group.”
Joth Ricci, President Stumptown Coffee.

Jim provides the wisdom you need to act now for the rest of the journey:

  • Advice to get more profit, fine tune operations, develop a resourceful staff, more free time and a bigger bottom line.
  • The experience of what lies beyond the "retirement door.
  • A friend trained at Menniger that you can talk to about life balance.

Succession Testimonials