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Leadership Speaking

How To Get It Right

Your Business Depends on the Right People in the Right Places Doing the Right Stuff at the Right Time

Jim’s new book, available in December 2018 is called: 
The Leader Architect.

The Myth of Leadershipis Jim's new speech based on his experience over the years In finding clarity and the keys to accelerating the speed of building businesses.This presentation is ideal  for meetings of C-level executives, Boards of Directors and senior officers of recently merged or acquired organizations. Jim dares to take on the myths of leadership commonly held in American business. Contrary? Yes. He gives you a results-oriented view based on a Stanford MBA,  profit and loss responsibility for 9 major organizations as well as training at the Menninger Clinic.  The 2.40 minute clip above will give you a good idea of how compelling his arguments can be.

In The Leader Architect he reveals his proven methods to defog what’s going on in your business and accelerate results. He speaks on this topic so business owners will know why the worth of your business depends on getting it Right.

This message applies to all businesses, particularly those that are mid-sized and privately held. Jim speaks from first hand knowledge that has doubled the valuation of a company in less than a year.

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