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  • Find sources of rapid growth and guide the exploitation of the opportunities
  • Increase personal executive capacity to lead significant growth
  • Enhance leadership skills to boost performance of your team and key leaders
  • Clarify whether you have the right team in place to speed the growth you seek
  • Speed up the time and quality of decision making
  • Align key leaders and their teams to execute critical plans crisply
  • Help you craft simple and effective tactical plans that all employees can get behind
  • Identify blocks to growth and plans to surmount them
  • Be a  private sounding board for all aspects of business growth
  • Generate a powerful flow of ideas, concepts, tools and techniques for immediate use

This Stanford MBA with 29 years hands on experience as a COO and CEO plus over a decade consulting, advising executives and enhancing business values works closely with you and your business principals to give you a competitive edge. He rolls up his sleeves and transfers enduring skills to key leaders in your firm.  

The Grew Company delivers returns of 3 to 20 times our fees or more by increasing your operating profit. We help you harness a transition or unlock hidden potential to build a more effective organization, improve operating profit and upgrade customer service so your company lasts. Jim gets results.

Jim provides the wisdom you need to act now for the rest of the journey:

  • Advice to get more profit, fine tune operations, develop a resourceful staff, more free time and a bigger bottom line.
  • The experience of what lies beyond the "retirement door.
  • A friend trained at Menniger that you can talk to about life balance.

Jim Grew Executive Services Overview