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As a senior executive with profit responsibility for eight private companies and divisions of two separate billion-dollar public firms, Jim developed skills in business strategy and execution that transfer directly to you.  

Since 1993 he has rolled up his sleeves and transferred enduring skills to key leaders in firms across the Northwest. His work is collaborative, based on experience and training at the Menninger clinic.

Jim builds high impact leaders quickly. His work in a range of industries building cultures of pride and success through fresh thinking and the ability to quickly isolate the best leverage points for change give him the experience that can help you transition quickly.

The process is quick, expertly delivered, with specific objectives, clearly-established outcomes and timing, all contributing to your business goals.

Leslie J. Neilson, MD
Dr. Neilson, a practicing psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, is a confidential staff advisor to The Grew Company. She offers a skilled perspective on leadership and personal performance development.

About Jim Grew

That’s Jim with his new BMW (left, the old one proved non-submersible) and losing a water fight to a granddaughter (right).

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