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The Grew Company delivers returns of 3 to 20 times our fees or more by increasing your operating profit. We help you harness a transition or unlock hidden potential to build a more effective organization, improve operating profit and upgrade customer service so your company lasts. Jim gets results.

Accelerator Consulting Testimonials

Doing Business Faster
"You laid out the plan in weeks, and we’ve transformed the business with 50% sales growth as a result."

Paul Milne, Owner Floral Services

“Working with Jim Grew we created systems that delivered one of our best years ever.”
Kennedy Hawkins, President PTNW

“In three months with Jim we solved a problem that we'd worked on for three years, boosting company profit 30%.”
Scott Gorman, VP Manufacturing Premier Press

“With Jim's help we increased operating profit $1 million this year over last year.”
David C. Jones, President & CEO, JVNW.

“Jim helped us frame and finish critical initiatives faster than we ever would have on our own.”
Devon Nevius, Co-Owner, Upward Technology.

“You whittled down priorities to deliver the highest impact, and did it in hours. We are tracking toward a 30% profit increase this year.”
Dirk T.  Davis, CEO Sunshine Dairy

“AST Division earnings were the best in many years, with margin up 30% and expense down 13% versus last year. The return on my investment with you was even better than you promised. That's why we're talking about another project.”
Bill Mascott, Owner Mascott Equipment Co.