Advice on Succession 

Is your company ready for you to retire? The Other Side of Succession is about how to increase the value of your business (up to 70% in five years), get out of managing it day to day or sell out, take the money and run. Learn how to do it in style. There are no Purchase Fairies. This is practical advice from a man who is experienced at defogging and accelerating companies of all types.

You are not in business forever. You may have planned and built the company that way but one day you will be on the other side of the door. Whether t you decide to sell the organization, pass it on to the kids or workout a way for employees to purchase it, sooner or later someone will succeed you.

Jim put his expertise into a book that can help you find your way. He continues to speak and write on the subject regularly.  If you are thinking about your legacy and how to exit gracefully, delve in to these articles. Click any to get a PDF of the original.

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